Monday, August 31, 2009

Wayne Wichern, Milliner

Last weekend I took a 3-day felt and straw blocking workshop with fantastic milliner Wayne Wichern. Wayne is a spectacular teacher- knowledgeable, generous, patient, thorough, plus just a nice person. Here's a photo of Wayne at work.

He has a lovely millinery studio in Redwood City, filled with amazing supplies and equipment- if you're a gear hound like me, it's irresistible. The size of his block collection was astounding- the closet through the doorway to the right is chock full of blocks, also:

I was too busy blocking my heart out to take more photos than these, but here are photos of a couple of the hats I made during the class. I've got several more to put the finishing touches on and will post photos of those as they're ready.

I made this straw hat to wear to the upcoming Gatsby Picnic. The crown is one of many kooky 1930s blocks Wayne has collected. Very Ninotchka. Hopefully I'll finish the matching dress in time to wear to the event(!):

Here's a pirate tricorn in straw. I'll be selling these on Etsy soon. Maybe I'll add some feathers.

This one has been christened "The Lisa" for my friend Lisa Connelly (of the petite fashion blog Serafina), because she has dibs on the next one I make. I own the crown, but need to find a similar brim, then I'll be selling them on Etsy also:

Wayne also teaches courses in sewing and millinery at CaƱada College and the Sewing Workshop. I highly recommend him!!

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